St. Peter's Cemetery

“A Sacred Place”

Planning and Contacts

Please contact the parish office at (608) 831-4843 for information on:

 – Purchasing lots

– Monument approval (This is required for ALL monuments)

– Rule enforcement

Please contact the Cemetery Sexton for:

 – Lot availability

– Opening grave locations (casket or urn)

 – Marking for monuments

Cemetery Regulations

– The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset; it is trespassing to enter during closed hours.
– Decorations:

 – American flags and shepherd’s hooks must be adjacent to concrete bases.

 – Wind chimes, windmills, or other noise-making decorations are prohibited.

 – Monument decorations are to be secured so that they are not easily removed by natural means, i.e., wind, rain, etc.

 – Summer decorations are allowed starting May 1 and are to be removed by October 15.

 – Winter decorations are allowed starting November 1 and are to be removed by March 15.

 – Plantings and flowers:

 – Annual and perennial flowers are to be maintained within a 6 in. border of the concrete base.

 – No stones are allowed in borders around the concrete base.

 – Trees, shrubs, or bushes of any size are not allowed.

 – Fresh and artificial flowers are to be in secure, unbreakable containers.

 – Spring and Fall clean-up dates will be published in the church bulletin; decorations not removed by these dates are subject to removal.

 – Removed decorations will be kept for 3 weeks for pick-up and will then be discarded.

 – Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the cemetery at any time.
 – No pets are allowed on cemetery grounds.
 – Permanent markers must be installed within one year of burial